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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ahni and Zoe by Creative Memories Midsummer Sale

As if the speed and ease of A&Z products weren’t enough, here’s another reason to celebrate: the Midsummer Sale. Get another album, some pages, stock up on adhesives (yep, Tape Runners and Refills are on sale) and both your photos AND wallet will be doing a happy dance!
And – bonus! If you love White or Spargo Refill Pages and Page Protectors, they’re currently on sale for 15% off!
On my personal website
Find them under Shop>Photo Albums>Other.
You’ll want to hurry, as both offers only last through August 1, 2014.

If you have any questions or concerns contact me!

Sarah ~

Monday, March 10, 2014

Why Isn't the inawink app listed in the new Ahni and Zoe Spring 2014 Catalog

I just want to squash the rumors that are out there about the app and the new catalog. When you view the new Spring 2014 Ahni and Zoe Catalog you will notice that the app is not listed. You first reaction might be What the....?!
Take a deep yoga breath!

The reason the the app was omitted is because it is not ready yet. They are working really hard on the app. When the app is ready I will shout it from the roof tops! :) Trust that the plan ahead if great!

Sarah ~

Hellos and Goodbye to products

March 31st. Why is this day important? Because the following products will no longer be available for purchase and are while supplies last:
So long, farewell
We’re making room for new products!
strut your stuff
strut your stuff
Good vibrations
Good vibrations
boy, oh boy!
boy, oh boy!
refills #654214
isn't she lovely
isn't she lovely
refills #654210
Includes adoption page
fast2fab albums $49.50 US | $52.50 cAN
magnetic display $65.50 US | $69.50 cAN
slide-in packs $9.50 US | $10 cAN
A&Z Exclusives
refill pages with page protectors $29.50 US | $31 cAN
These products will be available while supplies last, March 3-31. After March 31, 2014 they’re gone!
©Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories 03/14 Made in the U.S.A.
good vibrations
horizontal #654190
vertical #654255
strut your stuff
horizontal #654156
vertical #654243
boy, oh boy!
horizontal #654178
vertical #654261
isn’t she lovely
horizontal #654169
vertical #654252
fast2fab albums $68.50 US | $72.50 cAN
simply said $28.50 US | $30 cAN
school rocks
2014 Calendar
simply said trio* #654388
Includes: Sunny Side Up Album, You Are Loved Album, School Rocks Album
* Watch for these individual Simply Said Albums to come into our line soon. But after March 31, 2014 the bundle will go away.

Click here to view current catalog to view these items

So I awoke this morning to find in my back office a sneak peak at the upcoming catalog! It was more exciting than coffee this morning! Wowza, the product development team does it again! Paper trimmer, new display board, new albums! It's like Christmas in Spring! You will be able to order these amazing products April 1st. Contact me to host a margarita night, wine and cheese, girl's fellowship, ice cream social party or any kind of party so you can earn these items free!
Click here to View Spring 2014 Catalog 

You may ask, why is the app not listed in the new catalog? The app is still being developed and not available for download. to avoid confusion it was omitted. When the app is ready I will shout it from the roof tops! :)

So much is happening and so much is exciting! Please contact me to place your order or host a party today!

Sarah ~

Monday, February 10, 2014

Ahni and Zoe by CM pages and Protectors !!! Yes it's true they are back!

Yes it is true! White pages and protectors are back!

$29.50 for the combo! 


16 white pages
16 page protectors
Made in the U.S.A.

$10.50 for protectors alone! 


16 page protectors
Made in the U.S.A.

Are you doing the happy dance yet? I am! 

you can go here to order yours here!,231.aspx

This has to be the biggest come back in 2014!

Contact me today or shop my website!
Sarah ~

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

EZ Craft Show Online Craft and Gift Show

Click To Visit The Directory of Booths To Go Shopping!

Join us for our Spring Craft and Gift Show.

Show is held February 5th 2014 - February 19th 2014. 
I very excited about this show! This is a great opportunity for me to network and spread the Ahni and Zoe mission further! 
Please check it out during the days listed. There are a number of great vendors listed and I am sure you will find something special for Valentines day or yourself! 
Here is the link to  my direct booth

Here is the main link to EZ Craft Show

*Hugs* Sarah ~ 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ahni and Zoe Share the Love Day

A&Z's quick to complete albums and No FUSS parties make it simple to share the love everyday of the year! Who do you know who needs to hear I love you? Who do you know who needs a boost in self-esteem? Who do you know who needs a gift from the heart? I am having a VIRTUAL A&Z party on my facebook page Feb 18th. Here is the link!

So mark you calendars!!! You don't want to miss!

Here is our current catalog.

Here is my website.

Don't hesitate to contact me.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Like me on Facebook

Did you know I had a fanpage? Come and like my page to see what is happening daily in my world and for giveaways and more. Stop on by, I am sure you will like my page! Here is the link.

Sarah ~
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